Bronva: The Private Web Search Engine

Bronva is an anonymous and private web search engine, with a similar design and feel to Google and Bing. The difference being, not even we know what you’ve searched for.

When you search the web normally using Google or Bing, you’ll notice that the URL changes in your web browser's address bar every time you perform a new search or click on a new search results page. When a new URL is loaded, the URL is logged not only by your web browser but your internet service provider also, thus revealing what you’ve searched for, revealing your search history to Google, your internet company and any third-party companies they sell or pass data onto, e.g. law enforcement, police, governments, NSA, GCHQ, etc.

There are of course search engines that exist claiming they are ‘private’, but in theory aren’t. One such search engine is ‘DuckDuckGo’, which leases its search results from Bing. Whenever you perform a search in DuckDuckGo, similar to Google and Bing, the URL is exposed and logged by your browser and internet provider. This is why we consider DuckDuckGo and any other search engine that renders URLS ineffective at upholding true anonymity.

We’ve built our search engine in such a way that the URL doesn’t change whenever you perform a new search with Bronva, consequently meaning none of your searches is logged by your web browser or internet service provider. Your internet company will indeed be able to identify that you’ve visited the Bronva website, but they will not be able to identify what you’ve searched for on Bronva because of the way Bronva is built.

Because the URL doesn’t change whenever you perform a new search, this also means that your browser's history is only capable of logging the Bronva ‘search’ page where ALL search results appear, revealing no information with regards to what you’ve searched for. This is why we consider Bronva offers you true and absolute privacy.

Privacy is Our Mission

Our objective is to keep your searches anonymous. We protect your privacy and won’t cave in to pressure from governments or companies to modify our website design enabling the ability for your searches to be logged. Our mission is clear, we want you to be able to browse the web privately and without being tracked. We don’t allow any tracking code on our website, the exception being affiliate services for which we generate funding for our service.

How to Search in Private

No search history, web browser history or server access or error logs are collected. To represent this politely, we quite frankly aren’t interested in what you’re searching for. It’s also not beneficial for us to log activity on our website on an administrative front, nor do we intend to. The purpose of this website is to uphold your privacy which is why our search results (SERP) are displayed using JavaScript, thus preventing the URL from changing and revealing your search to any potential intruders.

We’re Completely Independent

Many other ‘private’ search engines such as Yahoo and DuckDuckGo merely piggyback from the search results available in Bing, the search engine uses the Google search results, and we quickly recognised that there are few available search engines outside of Google and Bing. We were inspired to build our search engine completely independent from Google and Bing. When a single company has a monopoly, we’ve often found that privacy goes out the window. We hope to change this.

Our search engine operates solely on its own accord. If Google and Bing were to suddenly become unavailable, our search engine would still work flawlessly as it doesn’t piggyback off any search engine to operate. Every search result offered in Bronva has been collected by Bronva alone and we quite frankly refuse to work with or use any third-party search engine features in our code to ensure our privacy values are fully upheld.

Unbiased Search Results

With exception to a few services operated and/or supported by Bronva, we otherwise give no exception to giving websites an undeserved higher listing in our search results. We care about relevance, accuracy and usefulness. Many search engines are rumoured to have removed certain search results that don’t support their particular political views, and we refuse to condone this type of behaviour at Bronva.

Whatever your particular views may be and whether or not we support them is irrelevant to the functionality and operation of the Bronva service. Bronva is a search engine designed to enable anybody and everybody to find what they’re looking for without restriction, regardless of their particular preferences.

We respect that your interests will not always be the same as ours and vice versa, and it doesn’t affect us that we share different opinions. We care about freedom and privacy for everybody, not just for us. Consequently, none of our search results is modified to represent a slanted viewpoint or particular preference for particular websites, politics or news articles, nor do we eliminate or remove certain pages on the mere basis we by chance disagree with them.

Encrypted Searches

Encryption prevents hackers and cybercriminals from being able to make pry on your searches and private business. If a hacker does attempt to break into our website, they’ll be sadly let down to recognise we don’t hold any information on anybody, not even ourselves. This website is generally considered a What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) type of website designed to stop intruders, spying and surveillance.

Encryption prevents common hacking attacks, such as ‘man-in-the-middle’ attacks, preventing hackers from hiding in-between us and you when you’re performing a Bronva search. If somebody does somehow manage to ever intercept our website to the extent that they perform a ‘man-in-the-middle’ attack, everything is encrypted thanks to our website using SSL encryption. You will notice a padlock beside our website address in your web browser's address bar, and you will also recognise we use an ‘https’ address instead of a regular ‘http’ address; the ‘s’ stands for ‘secure’. Our entire website is encrypted.

We’ve integrated our News section into the regular Bronva search results.

Bronva News is a news real-time aggregation service that allows you to privately search for today's latest headlines from thousands of trusted news sources all in one place. Simply search for the name or description of a news service or subject matter, and access real-time news instantly from multiple sources all in one place. Little effort is needed to search for the news with Bronva News. Simply search for a particular news service or description, and all news from relevant and related news sources will appear in the search results above. Easily scroll through relevant news stories that have just been posted, all from one search results page.

We care about accuracy, efficiency and user-friendliness. Unlike many other news aggregators, we don’t collect, download or index the news into a chunky database and display only the news we’ve found. We collect and spawn the news from its official website source as soon as you request it. If you request to view all news stories related to the ‘BBC’, ‘CNN’ or ‘Technology News’, our search engines will ‘call’ or ‘request’ the news to be immediately collected to the exact second your request it. Once you’ve searched, Bronva News will ‘pull’ the news from all the relevant news sources that match your search. All news is displayed in one easy-to-read search results page for your convenience.

Bronva News is immediate and up-to-date, meaning that as soon as a news story has become publicly available on the official news website, you can instantly view it on Bronva. We collect news from many great news providers and sources to ensure everybody's interests are met. We collect our news using a variety of RSS and Atom feeds which render as soon as you request them, ensuring that whatever is available on the official news website is instantly made available via Bronva News as soon as you search for it.

Search for News Privately

As with the nature of Bronva, every search is anonymous across the whole Bronva website, regardless of whether you’re searching the Web, News, Software or Games. Bronva is built in such a way that not even your internet service company should know what news you’ve searched for. Additionally, when you search for new stories on Bronva, the URL in your web browser's address bar doesn’t change, thus not revealing what you’ve searched for. This also means your browser's history will merely document you’ve visited our news page, but it won’t know what you’ve searched for.

Read stories as they become available

Privately search for the latest headlines worldwide using Bronva Search. Because Bronva News is designed to ‘display’ the news from news websites when you request it, this means whatever news is available on the official news website will be displayed in Bronva News. We wanted to ensure you can have access to the most up-to-date news as soon as they’ve become available, and using website feeds seemed like the best approach.

Easily navigate through stories from numerous news sources you may have not known about and find the most relevant news stories that match your interests and preferences. We don’t tailor the news to your preferences as we don’t wish to collect any of your data, instead, we let you search for something that matches your interest and then display relevant stories from news sources matching your search.

Looking for Unbiased News?

Unlike many other search engines, we don’t restrict or limit what news you can or cannot access. Whatever political beliefs or preferences we may not interfere with your searching experience. Because of the way we’ve built our news service, the news is collected in real-time as soon as you request it. This means we can’t control what news does and doesn’t display as we have no control over those third-party news websites. When you searched for news, you are guaranteed to see the news exactly as it is broadcasted on the official news source it’s collected the news from without any news stories being removed due to our preferences.

Identifying what news websites are unbiased isn’t always an easy task. We don’t believe you should be restricted from reading certain news articles that others may by chance dislike elsewhere. We refuse to pander to eliminating your freedoms to suffice the satisfaction and preferences of another person. We’ve concluded the most logical resolution is to simply allow people to access all content unrestricted and make their own decisions.

If you decide to look for news from a particular news source or news website that other people may deem offensive or controversial, the news shall still display for you. We’ve developed Bronva in such a way that it is technically impossible for us to conceal, hide or restrict certain news stories from being visible.

Our news service collects the news from its official source as is displayed on their website as soon as you request it. Nothing can be removed or hidden by us as we don’t control these third-party news sources, which is how we prefer it. Search engines can generally remove certain search results for articles they dislike. We’ve instead chosen to pull website feeds to not only save server space but to help users easily locate unbiased news sites.